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president barack obama making another swing right through the golden state in hopes of raising millions for his campaign. we'll tell you where he'll be and what he'll be doing in the bay area. plus the history making in the central valley this morning. a scientist at ucsf has just won the nobel prize for medicine. coming up, hear from the winner. why some say this could be a major breakthrough for regenerative medicine. >> why facebook is more tempting than sex. we'll have the results of a new study on social media and the urge to check your new speed. >> reporter: good morning. i'm bob redell. i'll take you live to the san
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mateo coastline for the results of the pumpkin weigh off. >> that pumpkin looks a little peak id. how about that, the city by the bay. it's spectacular. christina loren going to tell us the weather update. your news starts right now. good morning everybody. happy columbus day one and all. happy you can join us, i'm jon kelley. >> i'm marla tellez. decision 2012 is coming the the bay area. modern history in the making. the president is honoring a california icon before heading to san francisco for faund raising push. here is video of president barack obama landing in bakersfield about an hour ago. he is there to officially announce the establishment of the cesar chavez national monument. the property is the headquarters
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of the united farm workers and served as a planning and coordination center for chavez and his movement in the 1970s. afterward a dinner reception will be held for the president tonight in san francisco at the bill graham civic auditorium. john legend will perform in concert there. last night the president took the stage in los angeles at a star-studded event that included celebrities like jon bon jovi, stevie wonder and katie perry. the president march veld at their performances and even took a shot at his own debate performance. >> everybody here incredible professionals, such great friends. they just performed flawlessly night after night. i can't always say the same. >> as for mitt romney, the republican nominee is set to take aim at the president's leadership and foreign policy at the virginia military institute where he is this morning. new this morning. a major milestone in achievement
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for a bay area scientists. uc san francisco researcher shinya yam macha has won the nobel prize for medicine, responsible for a major stem cell break through. christie smith is live at ucsf right now. christie, i guess the question is when exactly did they find out about this? >> i have to tell you, they are buzzing here at ucsf. they tell me they got the call from 2:30 this morning from the cher himself saying he won the nobel prize in medicine from a discovery he started researching in 2006. shinya yamanaka conducted his research here and in japan. the president of the institute and other researchers held a video conference with yamanaka who is still in japan this morning. his prize is in medicine and for his discovery that human skin
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cells can be reprogrammed so they can take on the properties of any other cells of the body. it was kind of difficult to hear yamanaka this morning. he said he was thankful for all the support he's received here. >> i think i'm very lucky because i was able to join them 30 years ago. >> this was a revolution in biology. no one thought it worked this way. that with just turn ag few switches you could create such a profound change in the identity of the cell, and this swept the world. >> reporter: these are pictures given to us by ucsf this morning. the potential benefits, researchers say, include better drug discovery, tailoring of the right medicine to the right patient and improved regenerative medicine,
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particularly for the heart, the brain, the retina, even diseases like alzheimer's. yamanaka shared the reward with british researcher john gurdon. this is actually the second time that a ucsf researcher has won this award. reporting live in san francisco, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> what a wonderful honor. thank you, christie. new this morning, an earthquake struck in the north bay at 9:09 this morning. the 3 boyne 2 magnitude quake hit between fairfield and vallejo. the epicenter was 30 miles north of oakland. we're getting reports that some people actually felt the shaking including one homeowner in fairfield who wrote in to tell us it felt like a car hit his home. marla, now to a developing story in hercules. friends and family holding a vigil tonight for a woman found dead inside her home this weekend as police at this hour try to track down the person who killed her. neighbors placing flowers and notes outside susie ko's home
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this weekend. police say someone killed her on friday night. her husband was actually working in idaho at the time. ko's children devastated. they rushed home as soon as they heard the news. >> very shocking. i found out first thing saturday morning. she had passed friday, but my phone had died. as soon as i turned it on i got a call from my sister in london and found out and just hurried home. what can you do? >> part of that investigation police took the front door of the house adds evidence. they say ko's car is also macing. police looking for a 2011 sky blue subaru out back, idaho plate 1a1f680. we can tell you ko's family is planning the vigil at 8:30 outside of their home. they've also set up a website,
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suspected undocumented immigrants working at the stores. mi pueblo has stores from vallejo to salinas and also in the central valley. today cleanup is under way after protesters smashed windows and threw paint at oakland city hall overnight. almost 200 anti-war protesters smashed windows and threw paint at half a dozen buildings. police say the demonstration was to coincide with the 11th anniversary of the war in afghanistan. there are no reports of arrests or injuries. there are new calls for a more thorough cleanup at treasure island. state health regulators say the former naval base might still be drenched by decades worth of radioactive material. there are calls for an independent review of that site. meantime the u.s. navy say it is radioactive cleanup is under way and should be done by next year. more than 8,000 new homes along with businesses are slated to be constructed at treasure island.
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you can read more details of the latest findings at our website. just logon to let's bring in christina loren to look at the forecast. it's kind of like a spin the wheel to see what happens and where we land. >> exactly. we'll get little bit of everything including our first sierra nevada snow. snowboarders hoping for the el nino to shape up so we get dumped on. you can see we have dark clouds, dark bottom clouds over san jose. we're actually getting some showers right now. let's take it to your radar. as we have the most significant activity out in san francisco. so let's go ahead and take it to the radar. at 11:09, there you go, you can see little bit of spotty activity. go ahead and put this thing in motion for you. temperatures are running cool because of all that cloud cover. what's happening is you have this area of low pressure sitting and spinning offshore. it's going to move in as we head through tomorrow. it's going to keep your temperatures cool. look at this.
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we stop that clock for you at 2:00 p.m. tomorrow. looks like a little sierra-nevada snowfall. temperatures will be cool. it's not packing that much moisture but it is packing cool air. weather headlines tell the story. mild and breezy with isolated showers for today. very isolated in nature. we'll get a cold start for tomorrow. we saw upper 30s in some places. a cold morning. that widespread activity is anticipated for the second half of tomorrow. we'll time it out for you at your doorstep copying up. wednesday, the cold front comes through, plenty of p.m. sunshine. cold temperatures, hard to break out of the 60s by thursday. a lot will happen here. >> basically jump in, strap on and get ready for your roller coaster ride. >> you are so good at that. >> i pay attention every once in a while. thank you, christina. can't go a day without facebook? you are not alone. coming up, why for some logging into social media is more tempting than sex. plus unprecedented action.
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the governor is stepping in to stop soaring gas prices. how long it will take for you to feel some relief at the pump. the next time you're in a starbucks, guess what? they may be out of your favorite seasonal coffee. we'll explain what's behind the shortage of pumpkin spice latte. >> reporter: crossing that one-ton mark. will a grower be able to do it at this year's half moon bay pumpkin weigh off. we're about to find out. that story coming up. is electronic equipment made by certain chinese companies actually spying on america? we'll take a look at the issue coming up.
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how about this? a brand new study suggests facebook creates a bigger addiction even stronger than nicotine, sleep and for some people even sex. researchers at university of chicago polled 205 people in germany about their urges and to
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gauge their ability to withstand daily temptation. subjects were given a blackberry for a week and asked to let researchers know every 30 minutes or so if they had desire to do various activities, including check their social media accounts. the results, well, resistance to facebook and twitter proved the most futile. the bottom line here is becoming harder to escape that desire for one last check. nothing short of a painful start behind the wheel this week. gas prices are still going up fresh off another jump over the weekend. california now has the highest average gas price in theng
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this should immediately increase the supply of gas and in theory lower the price at the pump. here are the latest numbers from aaa if you can stand to see this. an average gallon of regular in san francisco today is $4.73, in oakland and san jose it's $4.67. but we saw a couple of stations charging more than $5.30 a gallon. that's for regular. some analysts expect prices to drop 15 to 20 cents within a week. the reason why these prices skyrocketed is because of refinery problems. in august the chevy refinery in richmond caught fire, and then within the past week in southern california, the exxon mobil refinery in torrance had a power failure and had to shut down. they just got it back working friday. starbucks letting san francisco be the official taste testers of a brand new line of food, testing croissants with a
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plan to roll them out nationally. the new baked goods being rolled out after starbucks' $100 million purchase of la bulannj which is a small san francisco bakery chain. shar bucks reporting a shortage, yes a shortage of pump skin spice for its popular autumn lattes. devastating news. they say some stores can't keep up with the demand this time of year dew to the deliveries of the sauce used to make the tasty treat. it won't affect all the stores nationwide, just a few of them. on to business and tech, the u.s. house committee on intelligence released a report this morning warning american companies not to bialek tronnic equipment from two major chinese manufacturers. scott mcgrew joins us. the concern here is the devices could be used for spying. >> good morning. the theory is electronic
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equipment made by certain companies which are backed by the chinese government can be used to spy on the united states. the house intelligence committee conducted a year-long investigation and said chinese companies wa wfrnltsei and zte are a threat to security. the equipment is used in telephone networks, cell phone towers, internet server farms and other communications. in a separate but related piece of news, telecom equipment maker sysco is accusing zte of reselling equipment to the iranians in violation of u.s. law. reuters says sysco has ended its businessness relationship with zte. the chairman of the house committee on intelligence suggests no one, not verizon, comcast, at&t should buy equipment from wawei or zte.
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critics of the report say if congress is really being genuine that chinese products could be doctored in a way to stop spying, why stop at those two? after all, parts of just about any device including sysco's or apple's or hp's or any other company tend to be made in china. back to you. >> thank you, scott. let's check back in with christina loren to find out what's happening outside. fill us in on the forecast. what's happening? >> a little something for everyone this week, guys. good morning to you, jon and marla. good morning to you at home. let's take you outside and show you what we're looking at. high atop san bruno mountain. we have clouds out there. a little area of low pressure is stirring up trouble. as we head throughout the day, we'll see light isolated showers. better chance of that scenario as we head through tomorrow. you can see we have dark bottom clouds out there. keep that in mind. you don't have to dig out the um brehm la yet. look at what the clouds are doing.
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bodega bay, 58 degrees. jacket weather returning to the bay area. temperatures not that warm in santa cruz or san jose. about 69 degrees in the south bay. right now it looks like the best chance to see any sort of moisture is going to be from san rafael south to san francisco. we'll cut you off at san mateo. tomorrow, we're going to get widespread activity. 72 degrees in livermore. low pressure system gets the push it needs to move onshore. that will bring showers for tomorrow. we aren't expecting a whole lot. stop the clock again at 4:00 p.m., starting to get closed in from the north bay and the south bay. and basically about 20% to 30% chance of seeing those showers as we head through your tuesday. then look what happens. the cold front comes through. we drop your numbers into the 60s. 68 degrees, that's it for thursday. friday and saturday, if you're looking for a warmup, looking for better beach weather, you're
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going to get it. 79 degrees by saturday. then as we enter into the second half of the weekend and up into next week, we're talking about a warmup. could see a return of the 90s. so make sure you meet back here with us every day at 11:00. we will have the latest for you as there's a lot to decipher this time of year, guys. it's that time. over to you. >> christina, thank you very much. i guess it's safe to say it's going to be a big day, a monster day for pumpkin growers. >> half moon bay's annual pumpkin weigh off is happening right now. that's where nbc's bob redell is live. a giant pumpkin this year can actually turn a giant profit? >> reporter: absolutely. they're hoping to set a world record. we still have one pumpkin left to weigh. let me show you the one they put on the scales here at half moon bay. this is a large one grown in granite bay, california, north of where we're at. if you see what the scale registered, 162125.
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unfortunately that pumpkin was disqualified. if it qualified, it would have been in first place. it had a hole underneath it. very disappointing for that grower. we're waiting for that star, to find out if his pumpkin, the one being ready to weigh, to see if he's going to take it. he took it in 2007, 2008. other pumpkin out there leading is 1,521 is your mentor, steve. you both are from pleasant hill oregon. what do you feel your chances are? >> i think my chances are pretty good. >> you've taped it which is your term for you measured a circumference and able to come out with a calculation for the weight. what's it taping at? >> close to the world record. >> 2,009 pounds set two weeks ago in massachusetts. what's your gut telling me? >> that's a pretty high bar.
11:22 am
i'm not thinking it's going to do it. thaechz an amazingly heavy pumpkin. >> you're not being modest? >> it could be a little bit of that. realistically, 2,009 is huge. >> we'll find out in a few moments. let's get out of the way. trying to move one pumpkin in, one pumpkin out to get it on the stage here. we should know whether thad starr will beat the 1,521 record set by his mentor out of pleasant hill and, b, whether he can top the ton milestone which has has only been topped once, that was just two weekends ago in massachusetts. the same seed used to make that 20,009 pumpkin is from the same batch he used for this pumpkin. there could be genetics here. loud speaker means it's time for me to be quiet. >> producing some big old offspring there. >> good genetic in those pumpkin
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seeds, nice dna. >> we'll be right back. up next, it's "30 wrong," followed by "access hollywood live," and at 1:00 watch ""days of our lives"" here on nbc bay area.
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now is the time to check us out on facebook. logon and search nbc bay area. there we shall be.
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we take you back live to half moon bay where the big pumpkin weigh off is under way. this pumpkin about to get weighed. will it break a world record? >> it's big. >> that's good stuff. our bob redell is out there live. we'll have the latest for you tonight on nbc bay area news at 5:00, 6:00 and 11:00. also the president is coming to town, too. >> if that pumpkin breaks 2,000, there's a $25,000 bonus going to that guy. >> per safeway. thanks for being with us.
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